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Yanhee Cleansing Gel Gentle cleansing gel, contribute to bright and glowing skin • Less foam formula • Cleanse the skin deeply • Prevent acne and wrinkles • Nourish the skin • Reduce redness and dark spots caused by acne • Eliminate excess oil...

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Tamarind extract Soap Brighten the skin and make the skin healthy • Cleansing the face and body • Soap texture is suitable for all skin types. • Nourish and brighten the skin • cleansing the skin deeply than common soaps Ingredients : 1. Tamarind...

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BS Beautafil 3 in 1 liquid soap, skin soft formula, helps to retain moisture and softness of the skin. No alkaline effect, can be used instead of soap or used as a cosmetic wipe • Remove deep residue stain and moisturize the skin without damaging the natural moisture of the skin...